Pinnacle Dealer Management System

Pinnacle DMS is an innovative dealer management system, providing an easy to use and logical environment with which to manage one’s business, together with live information whenever one need’s it.

It is a browser-based web delivered system, with its intuitive design allowing users to quickly become familiar with its rich features and leading to a rapid high level adoption.

Pinnacle uses industry standard open database technology; this means integration with complementary systems can be achieved with ease and importantly at low cost. Using robust high performance SQL database technology means data is secure and protected, proven rollback and log file facilities deliver peace of mind and maximum availability.

The ability to scale up on demand to meet dealers’ changing needs is essential; data volumes increase as businesses become more information aware. Pinnacle will keep pace with the development of your business. Pinnacle is capable of running across a broad spectrum of environments, from the smallest dealership or service operation to a large multi-franchise, multi-location dealer group.

Brought to users as an online service, albeit in a closely controlled and secure manner, Pinnacle, utilising the software as a service (SaaS) model, has many benefits for users including:

  • Always having access to the most up-to-date system features.
  • No requirement to buy the latest version as upgrades are launched online free of charge as part of ongoing product development.
  • As a remotely hosted solution Pinnacle enables users to focus on the tasks involved in their own role, rather than day-to-day system management.

At the heart of the system is a single database around which are five principle modules; CRM, Vehicle Sales, Workshop, Parts, and Accounts.

What makes Pinnacle Dealer Management System unique?

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