Tech+ Workshop Application

Tech+webCarry out routine tasks with speed and providing more for your customers.

Our Workshop app, Tech+, links seamlessly with the Pinnacle workshop management module untethering their technicians from their workstations, giving them the freedom to complete jobs quicker through role based targeted tools such as clocking-on to a job, completing a health check, filming identified work, integrated tyre selection, and much more.


It supports instant communication between technicians and Service and Parts teams so that requirements can be quickly identified and authorised.


One touch capture of video instantly uploads personalised messages to be sent to the customer to view and approve online.


Clock to jobs, operations and other work statuses with instant updates to the Job Progress console in Pinnacle and to Parts and Service teams.


Built-in caching of details and video content to provide a robust service even when a wireless connection can’t be relied upon.

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