Sales 101

Course Title: Sales 101
Module: Sales

This course focuses specifically on the areas of Pinnacle that are most frequently utilized by the Sales
Department team members within a dealership, and will cover various processing routines within the vehicles sales environment, including, CRM Record creation, generating quotes, test drives, trade-in’s and customer orders, and managing ones sales diary.

Course Content:
Items covered in the course:

1. CRM Overview – Introduction to a Customer CRM Marketing Record, where this record resides and an explanation of all the tabs against a CRM Record.
2. Showroom – Introduction to the Showroom Module and the utilisation of each time; highlighting the importance of completing all processing through this Module.
3. Customer Creation – Adding customers to the Dealer’s database whilst ensuring not to create a duplicate
record. Dealing with Introduction Sources when first creating a CRM Record and when to amend a CRM Record Introduction Source.
4. Customer Contacts – Creating and updating Contact History and Future Contacts.
5. Trade-In’s – Adding a currently owned vehicle and a trade-in vehicle against a Customer CRM Record.
6. Test Drives – Completion of the Test Drive Routine and the Test Drive Declaration Form.
7. Desired Vehicle – Loading of a customers Desired Vehicle.
8. Quotes & Customer Orders – Raising Quotes and Customer Orders against vehicles in stock. Furthermore,
raising Quotes and Customer Orders against vehicles not yet in stock – using the vehicle Configurator process (Looking at the benefits and implications of using this process).
9. Structuring a Deal – How to use over allowances, and adding a trade-in vehicle with/without settlement values.
10. Converting the Deal – Converting a new deal off the Showroom floor to a Sales Opportunity in Pinnacle, and
selecting the relevant activities.
11. Closing Sales Opportunities – How to correctly close a Sales Opportunity, either through the Customer Order
process or through Lost Sale process.
12. Appointments, Opportunities, and Orders – managing one’s Appointments, Opportunities and Orders.
13. Handover – How and when to process a Handover.
14. Amending Customer Orders – How to Amend or Delete a Customer Order.
15. Vehicle Stock Lists – Understanding the Stock List and making use of all its filters for a more refined search.

Course Outcomes:
Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:

1. Understand and navigate their way comfortable and functionally through the Showroom Modules.
2. Create a Customer correctly within the dealerships database.
3. Manage a Customer within their Showroom workspace, by updating the CRM Record with the required information (i.e. desired vehicle, next contact).
4. Generate Vehicle Quotes, Test Drive’s, and load Trade-in’s. 5. Structure a deal through the tools available within Pinnacle. 6. Create a Customer Order. 7. Maintain one’s Contact Diary, to ensure proactive management of their daily activities and customers contact. 8. Reviewing of current and pipeline stock, to ensure a full awareness of what vehicles are available for sale (in stock and pipeline), and which are already on Customer Order.

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