SMS Marketing Tips – Bring Revenue to your Doorstep

Powerful SMS Campaigns can bring revenue right to your doorstep.
This article will help you understand benefits of SMS marketing, guidelines to maintaining a positive brand image and the steps to achieving a great ROI.

Let’s face it, there aren’t many people without mobile phones, and that number can be drastically reduced when looking at your target market. The great thing about SMS Marketing is that half the job is already done for you. With 97% of SMS’s being read within 15 minutes of receipt, the only thing left for you to do is grab your customer’s attention.

The first thing to consider when sending out any form of communication, is your brand image. It is highly important to identify your business to avoid the “spam treatment”. In addition, we live in a fast paced world where time is valuable, which means that you will have to work hard to get your customers attention. Providing readers with a brief, focused script is the most promising start to an effective SMS Marketing Campaign. A hint of fluff in your content can make your readers delete your SMS faster than you can send it.

If it looks like spam, sounds like spam – then it’s probably spam.

It is pivotal to leave out anything that might sound too “salesy” or promotional. Using phrases like “amazing deals”, SMS lingo such as “Only 4 U” or abbreviations like “FYI” or “NP”, may cause readers to delete the SMS without reading on.

In addition, remember to avoid cluttering your customer’s inbox. Customer’s hate receiving multiple promotional SMS’s a day. At the same time, a lack of communication can cause you to lose out on sales. Balance is key when it comes to an SMS Marketing Strategy, and it will never be the same for every business, so get to know your target market. When are they on a tea break? When do they go on lunch? Knowing frequency and most suitable times to send communications out to customers is beneficial, but understanding how to add value to the customer is a bit trickier.

When an SMS is received (with Smartphones in particular), the first line of text is often visible. This is where you want to put your ‘attention grabber’. That being said, it is fair to say that the first line of text directly affects your ROI. Create value by providing an offer to customer’s that they wouldn’t want to turn down. For example, you own a dealership and want your customers to bring their cars into your workshop. Your offer needs to be compelling e.g. “Get a free car wash and polish with your next service”. They might only see “Get a free car wash and polish”, but it would be enough for them to want to read more.

Providing immediate value should be the primary goal for any Marketing Campaign, therefore it is important to understand your customers wants, needs and what makes them feel special.

Furthermore, use GIFTS for your content to impulse your customers.
G – Greed (“Book today and also get a free engine clean.”)
I – Indifference (“Feel free to use this coupon”)
F – Fear of loss (“offer valid till 30 September”)
T – Tone: It is important to read into the tone of your SMS Campaign.
S – Sheep Factor (“We have polished 112 vehicles this week alone!”)

By using the guidelines from this article, you will improve customer engagement, integrate effectively with other marketing channels and get much higher conversion rates.

Written by: Andrew Lloyd


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