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#TeampinewoodSA takes part in the Impi Challenge!

A few Pinewood employees decided to tackle the infamous Impi Challenge in Cape Town earlier this month. After doing some hard and gruelling training, as the sun was still rising, they arrived in Stellenbosch to begin a challenge that they knew could only make them stronger (if it didn’t kill them first!)

They started the day off by painting warrior stripes on their face and tying bright coloured fabric to their arms and heads – to stand out above the rest just as Pinewood employees always do! The first challenge saw them crawling through mud and under barbed wire, followed by jumping over high walls, transferring tyres from one pole to the next, crawling underground through a tiny hole, crawling through more mud, jumping over higher walls, sliding into water and finishing off by racing each other across lily pads to the finish line.

It’s always been and always will be about challenging yourself, challenging your friends and helping each other out #teampinewoodsa

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