The Digital Age | The Benefits of going Digital for Automotive Dealers

The Digital Age has brought about drastic worldwide changes in customer buying behaviour, thereby creating new expectations with regards to buyers receiving the same benefits and service excellence when shopping for vehicles as they receive in other realms of their digital experience.

Dealers and automakers need to pick up the pace on this constantly evolving digital world to remain relevant in today’s automotive economy and reap the following benefits of online capabilities available to them:

    Gaining Customer Confidence and trust:

    Developing comprehensive social media and digital strategies will earn your brand a reputable, familiar and strong online presence. This, in turn, will increase customer confidence and trust in your brand by offering an interactive and engaging online experience.

    Access to Customer Analytics:

    A digital transition allows you access to analytics about your customers that will inevitably separate the winners from the losers by:

    • Divulging to dealers the pertinent trends in your customers’ shopping behaviour such as websites visited, online searches conducted, cars viewed and other pertinent research that can be used to improve your operations, marketing, sales and customer service experience.
    • Shedding light on individual shopper’s interests and how far along they are in the buying cycle, empowering dealers to encourage customers further along the buying process. This also enables you to familiarise yourself with prospects and better prepare salespeople for appointments with them.
    • Allowing you to improve inventory management by making purchasing decisions based on current online trends.
    • Keeping dealers informed about economic factors influencing auto shopper behaviour. For instance, luxury cars are more popular in a booming economy than more affordable ones, and vice versa.
    • Empowering dealers to intricately monitor pay-per-click adverts by tracking the number of people that clicked on your banner, if they visited your website and whether they sent a lead or not. This gives dealers a more definitive guide about which type of PPC ads to use, founded not only on traffic but leads and even sales!

    Reaching the Right Target Audience:

    Digital tools and their data analytic capabilities have paved the way for dealerships to develop intricate marketing campaigns and adverts that target a specific type of customer. Fewer wasted resources are spent on a shotgun approach as it’s now possible to accurately confirm whether a marketing incentive reached its intended audience.

    Embracing the Convenience of Online Payments:

    Online payment systems are more convenient, whilst ensuring customers feel at ease knowing that their financial details are secure.

    Adopting Social Media Marketing Platforms to:

    • Build your brand
    • Connect your dealership to prospective and current customers
    • Identify your target audience
    • Influence your target audience
    • Showcase vehciles and services free of charge

    Developing Engaging and Interactive Websites

    These days, websites are not only easy to develop, but are able to interact with customers, making their visit to a site a more personalised one. When a potential customer becomes more familiar with their dealer, it builds customer-dealer trust, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

    Optimising Online Rankings:

    Digital-centric customers spend a lot of time researching products on search engines such as Google. The better your search engine optimisation (SEO) practices, the higher you will rank on the search results, thereby increasing your searchability and exposure to a larger number of potential customers.

    Better Control of Online Reviews:

    Online reviews have a significant influence on a car buyer’s decision to visit a dealership. It’s essential to constantly monitor your online reviews, then respond promptly and constructively.

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