The Pinewood DMS Aftersales Diary

From the initial implementation to this moment in time, you have been building and adding to a commodity; your customer database. Within Pinewood DMS you can pro-actively and intuitively engage with this asset through the Pinewood DMS Aftersales Diary. The Aftersales Diary is the first place to visit when you want to anticipate your customer’s vehicle needs and identify revenue opportunities – opportunities including but not limited to; service reminders, expiring maintenance plans/ service plans/ warranties/ finance contracts, tyre replacement, or deferred work generated from the Pinewood DMS VHC platform.

Proactively contacting your customers will help improve retention and brand loyalty, all whilst working to secure that future sale – building customers for life and constructing a firm foundation of future revenue. Automated SMS and email communication can also be sent off to your customers to inform them of these up and coming reminders.

SMS Marketing Tips – Bring Revenue to your Doorstep

Not familiar with the process or have a question? Please contact your Customer Experience Agent for further detail.

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