Vehicle Admin

Course Title: Vehicle Admin
Module: Vehicles

This course focuses specifically on the areas of Pinewood DMS that are most frequently utilized by the Vehicles Department team members within a dealership and will cover various processing routines within the Vehicles Module.
The delegate must have attended Sales 101 prior to attending this course.

Course Content:
Items covered in the course:
1. Managing and maintaining the Vehicle Price List and Vehicle Service Intervals from Price Increase and New Model Schedules.
2. Creating and understanding the New Vehicle Supplier Orders process.
3. Adding new Vehicle Suppliers.
4. Navigation through Vehicle Stock Cards, with a focus on the importance around the Vehicle Status.
5. Bringing Vehicles into Stock (buy-in and traded-in vehicles).
6. Requests to the Workshop
7. Vehicle Invoicing (Vehicle, Supplementary, and Cancelling of Invoices).
8. Dealer Transfers.
9. Creating, Amending and Deleting Customer Orders, and managing the Customer Order Reporting.
10. Reporting – Stock Lists / Deal Book / Debtors / Creditors / Exceptions.
11. Understanding of how a deal is structured within Pinewood DMS, including using an over-allowance.
12. Using the New to Demo Routine including Parameters.
13. Raising and Receiving Purchase Orders.
14. Posting invoices on received Purchased Orders against the Suppliers account for payment.
15. Understanding the various types of Imports in order to update multiple vehicle records simultaneously.
16. Understanding the various pieces of Vehicle Integration (including Seriti and M&M), and how these work.

Course Outcomes:
Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:
1. Have the ability to manage a dealerships Vehicle Stock; from the creation of Supplier Orders, bringing them into stock, updating their costs, requesting a PDI, management of a Stock Card, internal transfers, and ultimately invoicing them out to a CRM Record.
2. Have the ability to manage and maintain Vehicle Price Lists.
3. Understand the various forms of Vehicle Integration.

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