Workshop 101

Course Title: Workshop 101
Module: Workshop

This course focuses specifically on the areas of Pinewood DMS that are most frequently utilised by the Workshop Department team members within a dealership. This course will cover various processing routines and associated reporting within the Workshop Module.

Course Content:
Items covered in the course:
1. Introduction to the Pinewood DMS Workshop Module – An overview of the workshop module and its functionality.
2. The Customer Marketing Record – A comprehensive look into a customer record and its associated tabs, along with the importance of capturing customer information.
3. Menu Pricing – Understanding the quoting process on Pinewood DMS and how to streamline processes using Menu Pricing.
4. New Bookings and Receiving Bookings – How to effectively create workshop bookings and successfully convert the booking into a workshop job.
5. Sublet Orders – A detailed look at the sublet order process, including how sublet orders are raised, amended and correctly received.
6. Time Management – An overview of the Time Management module, including technician clocking and associated reporting.
7. Amending, Costing and Invoicing Jobs – A comprehensive understanding on how to amend, cost and successfully invoice workshop jobs.
8. Contribution and Insurance Excess – Understanding how to handle an insurance excess payment together with examples of spilt invoices and when they would be used.
9. Canceling Workshop Jobs, Raising and Producing Credits – A comprehensive look into both the ‘Cancel Invoice’ and ‘Raise and Produce Credit’ process within the workshop.
10. Conversation Notes – How to use conversation notes to improve both internal and external communication within the workshop module.
11. Reporting Overview – A look into important workshop reports and a summary of the reports available within the workshop module.

Course Outcomes:
Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:
1. Understand the process flow of the workshop module and its relation to the other modules within Pinewood DMS.
2. Perform basic daily processing required in a Workshop Department.
3. Understand a number of important workshop reports.
4. Understand the time management module and how the technician clocking process works.

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