Workshop Management Toolkit

Course Title: Workshop Management Toolkit
Module: Workshop

This course focuses on the areas of Pinewood DMS that are most frequently utilised by the management team members within a dealership. The course will cover various processing routines and associated reporting within the Workshop Module.

Course Content:
Items covered in the course:
1. Parameter Overview – A detailed explanation of important parameters within the workshop module.
2. Vehicle Health Check process and associated reporting – A detailed understanding of the health check process along with informed ways of how to increase upselling within a workshop.
3. Job Progress Report – A overview of the job progress report, the ways in which it should be utilised from a reporting and processing perspective.
4. Time Management – An overview of the Time Management module together with a detailed discussion around the Time Management Reports.
5. Lost Sale Processes and Reporting – A comprehensive insight into the determining factors of lost sales, decline parameters and lost sale reporting within the workshop.
6. Conversation Notes – How to use conversation notes to improve both internal and external communication within the workshop module.
7. Aftersales Diary – How to ensure that the Aftersales diary is being used effectively to ensure retention, increased revenue and customer satisfaction within the workshop.
8. Workshop Reporting – Understanding the full reporting suite in Pinewood DMS and the ability to make informed management decisions and positive process changes based on accurate information.
9. Open discussion aimed at users raising questions.

Course Outcomes:
Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:
1. Analyze reports more comprehensively and further be able to manipulate reports to extract additional valuable information.
2. Better understand the parameter settings which directly influence the Pinewood DMS workshop module and its current way of processing.
3. Understand vehicle health check process and reporting and be able to effectively use in the information supplied to increase the future upsell in the workshop.
4. Understand time management along with how the time analysis report is calculated.
5. Understand the Lost sales process and how to effectively mitigate these going forward.
6. Understand the Aftersales diary process and its ability to drive revenue in the workshop.

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